Tipping: A Basic Element of Casino Etiquette

Giving tips is one of the basic factors of casino etiquette. Tipping is not usually mandatory because it is up to your personal discretion if you want to tip, but it is pretty expected that you will give some tips for the good services rendered to you.

Since a casino is a service-based facility, giving tips is a very big deal even though may seem not required. You may not have any idea on how much to give as a tip for a certain service rendered and when to give it. So here is a summarized outline that can help you.

Bellmen - Giving them a dollar for every bag is enough. You can also give them an extra tip if they make show reservations for you or help you with taxis, and others.

Cigarette girls - One to two dollars is sufficient. It still depends on how many trips they made for you and how much did you buy.

Concierge - They help you arrange your tickets for shows, tours, appointments, and other things. Tipping them from two dollars to $20 is customary.

Front desk clerks - If you tip the front desk clerk, you will not have a hard time looking for an upgrade of your room. Ten dollars to $50 is a gracious tip for them.

Valet parking attendants - Giving them a dollar or two is suggested every time you drop off and pick up. Tip them higher, between ten dollars to $30, if you want your car to be left up front.

Dealers - You can tip the dealer from one dollar to as much as you want. This can be done in between games or at the end of your playing session.

Bingo and Keno runners - A dollar for every few rounds is good even if you didn't win.

Cocktail waitresses - A dollar or two in every round if you are a group of two to three people. Increase the tip if you are a large group. Even if the drinks are comps, still give your tips.

Food servers - Their tips is about 15% to 20% of your bill and it all depends on their service quality. Dropping a dollar or two at the buffet table is a nice one.

Room service - The usually receive 15% to 20% of your food bill.

Change person - Especially if you win the game, slipping in a few bucks for them is not bad.

Slot supervisors - These are helpful persons. Tipping them a few bucks is recommended.

Maid service - The recommended rate is a dollar or two for tidying up your room.

Giving tips to the good quality of services given to you is a good habit for a casino player. It is a casino etiquette that will benefit you in the end.

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