Proper Casino Etiquette for a Better Poker Game

The casino etiquette of poker games should be one of the basics that players must know beforehand that when they are in a game, the continuity and smoothness of the process will be maintained.

The basic rules for good behavior in a poker game are the following:

1. Never play when it's not your turn to play. Even if you feel that you the best hand of the game that it makes you very eager to raise the pot, you must still wait for your turn to do so. This will avoid confusion among players and the dealer.

2. While the hand is still in progress, never ever talk about your cards. It may give the other players some information that will be use for their benefit of the game.

3. Unless it is time for showdown, do not show any of your cards to the other players at the table. Showing your cards to them in an inappropriate time may give them information that can change how the game would turn out.

4. Splashing the pot is a rude behavior for a poker player. What you see in the movies is a big no-nos in the real life of playing poker. You must not toss your bet in the center of the pot causing a big pile of mess. Instead, stacking your chips in an orderly manner in front of you is the best way to do it.

5. Making string bets is a bad habit to do in a poker game. Simply declare what you want to do - call or raise. If you say call, then that what should be done. If you want to raise, then raise the amount. This is an important rule within the casino etiquette for poker games.

6. Prevent yourself from being a mean or rude player. Even in times of a bad losing streak, don't ever curse the other players and dealer as well and say bad words to them.

7. Showing your cards to the player on your right or on your left only is not allowed. If you want to show your cards, show them to everyone on the table and not just the lucky players on your right or left side.

8. It is very important that you pay attention to what was going on in the game, especially if it's your turn, don't let other players remind you that it's on you now. Be always present in the game and keep the game flow going smoothly without any interruption. Taking cell phone calls is a bad idea.

Proper casino etiquette in a poker game will give you additional self-confidence and can possibly increase your odds of winning the game.

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