The General Guidelines of Casino Etiquette

Casinos are crowded places. And where the crowds are, more assuredly conflicts will arise. For casinos to prevent unfortunate incidents, players are expected to abide by the set rules and casino etiquette that everyone will have pleasure every time they will visit a casino.

The casino etiquette is very simple that anybody will not have some problems following it.

When playing for video poker or slots games, play only one machine at a time whether it is the busy periods of the casino or not. Let other players have the chance to play the games.

For table games or slots games, when taking a break, make it quick and short. A few minutes bathroom break is considerable. But when you are taking a long break like eating or playing another game, give up your slot that other players can try their luck.

If you are smoking during the game of slots or video poker, ask for an ashtray. Never ever use the coin well to be your ashtray because other players have the right to keep their hands clean from the ashes of your cigarettes when reaching in for the coins.

Smokers are for the smoking area and non-smokers are for the non-smoking area. Do not confuse yourself with that. Do not angry when you are asked to put your cigarette out when you are in the non-smoking area.

In a face up blackjack game, you are not allowed to touch any of the cards dealt to you. This is only allowed in a game of blackjack when the cards are dealt face down.

Before joining in a game of blackjack, especially in tables that have are wagering higher-denominations, ask first the players if they want to have a new player in the game before the shoe is finish out. Because there are some players that prefer to finish first the shoe before changing the number of players. This is also applicable in a low denomination table as an act of courtesy from you.

When betting chips in any table game, stack your chips in a way that the highest denomination is at the bottom and lowest ones are on top. This will prevent confusion and cheating as well.

Before making your bet in roulette, make sure that the dealer has already lift the marker off the layout that there will be no confusion as to which one is an unpaid bet and which one is a fresh bet.

As a shooter in craps, you are expected to hit the table's back wall when rolling the dice. It is require to be assured of random rolls.

In any casino game, whether you are the player or just a spectator, giving advises and correcting mistakes made by other players is not a good etiquette to pursue. Let them play their own way for their own fun.

Casinos are places of entertainment where people go for pleasure and excitement. The casino etiquette can help you and others have the desired fun in places like this.

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